My Story

Growing up in a small Southern town in the 60’s and 70’s was a lot different than it is today. Our days weren’t built around TV, computers, and social media. The activities on our calendars were Bridge Club, Bridal showers, Cotillions, and dinner parties.  These were the things that made our small world go ‘round.

For three generations, our family’s contribution to social events has been our melt-in-your mouth creations we call Secrets.  And I learned early of their importance.  My grandmother served them as the last delight at her parties.  My Mama served them at every baby and bridal shower and even gave them as wedding  gifts to the bride and grooms to enjoy.  The Aunts served Secrets at Three Arts Club,  Bridge Club, and of course, at the Episcopal Church Ladies’ Meetings.  Secrets were a hit everywhere they were served!  

Fast forward a few years and it became my turn to bake and take homemade Secrets to parties and social events.  After many batches, I came up with my own variation of the recipe, which  my son calls Perfection.  He's always told me they were the 'best thing he's ever eaten' but I'd just smile and think nothing of it.  So in February of this year, he and his wife finally convinced me to make a business out of it.  So, here we are and I cannot wait to share our Secret with you and yours!     

My grandmother used to say, “They’re called Secrets for a reason; it’s best to find a hidin’ place where you can enjoy them in secret.  My favorite place is unda’ the bed.”



p.s.  Ya best be careful when eatin’  Secrets 'cause the fine white suga’ will tell on you!