Sweet Notes

How did Mama's Secrets Cookies begin?    It all began when "Mama" was convinced enough times she had a 'to die for' product.  We finally convinced her to make Secrets a treat for everyone, not just close friends and family.  It only took three years, but 'better late than never'!

What are the nutritional facts?  We are so glad you asked!  A serving, 1 ounce or about 6 Secrets, is ONLY 150 calories and 9 grams of fat!

How are Mama's Secrets made?  Well, if we told you, it wouldn't be a secret!  We will tell you that each one is hand pinched and rolled, then powdered with love!  Secrets are made with all natural, whole ingredients!  We believe in Quality, not Quantity!

Do you Only have the store packaging options?  Absolutely not!  We do everything from individual favor packaging to bulk orders for weddings, showers, or any kind of special event, exactly how this all got started!

Warning!...Mama's Secrets are highly addictive...& do contain pecans.